I would like to thank Studywell Medicine for helping my son’s admission to Varna Medical University in Bulgaria. Appreciate Raju’s great service to relocate my son to Varna smoothly. We would really recommed to our friends going through Studywell Medicine to get admission in Varna Medical University.
Our special thanks to Raju and Manoj. We are expecting your support through out the course.

I take this opportunity to thanks the team of Studywell Medicine, especially Mr. Raju & Manoj to give all support and advice for my son Joyal James’ Medical admission to Varna university. We recommend other students and parents who wishes to study in Bulgaria. We are expecting a sincere co-operation from Studywell during the course of our students. Once again thanks to Studywell for their future endeavours.

We are happy to choose Studywell Medicine Ltd as a career guidance to seek admission in Medical University of Varna for my daughter. Well appreciated their service & guidance for each and every procedure towards admission.
Apart from University admission they have well supported us in finding accommodation and arranged all other basic necessities to get settle in Varna.

We are pleased to mention that we received the very best service from Studywell Medicine. Please continue your good service to the people approach to you for the admission in Medical Universities in Bulgaria. We will also recommend to our friends and relatives. Keep it up.

Thank you Studywell Medicine for your great support for getting medical admission for my daughter at Varna medical university, Bulgaria. For Finding apartment for our children, enrollment in the university etc, we got a big support from Mr. Raju. Thank you once again for your great support and we expecting the same until their completion of the study

Studywell Medicine has been an inspiration for my daughter to study Medicine in Bulgaria. They guided us from the process of application, Entrance Test, finding accommodation, enrollment etc. I highly recommend Studywell Medicine Ltd for anyone who wishes to send their children to study Medicine in Bulgaria.

We had a wonderful experience with Studywell Medicine especially the admission process and the relocation to Bulgaria. It was very smooth & less stressful with the support & guidance of experts in Studywell Medicine. I definitely recommend to my friends & family.
Thank you Studywell

I like to thank to Studywell Medicine for facilitating my daughter’s admission to Varna medical university in Bulgaria. Special thanks to Mr Raju Mathew and Mr Manoj Mathew for your support and service.

Great services, Nice behaviour, Good cooperation and Excellent services totally satisfied. I recommend Studywell Medicine for all the students and their parents who wish to study Medicine in Bulgaria.

Sending your lovely daughter to another country for medical studies is always a heartbreaking decision. I was very worried about long processing time, Entrance test, traveling, hotel accommodation, traveling from the airport to university, accommodation, enrolment, banking and shopping etc. Studywell Medicine management especially Manoj Mathew and Raju were there everywhere with helping hands for me and their hospitality was amazing. I strongly recommend Studywell Medicine for those parents who need ultimate help with medical studies for their kids.

When my daughter expressed her intention to do medicine outside Ireland I did not know whom to contact or where to go. Then one of my friends suggested Studywell Medline Ltd. From the day I contacted them they have been with us at every stage of our journey to Varna Medical University. From providing valuable information regarding the University, it’s entrance exam and application process to helping arrange flights and accommodation. Manoj Mathew has been on hand 24/7. Even to receive us at Varna airport at 2 am. I highly recommend using the services that this organisation provides to anyone wishing to study Medicine/Dental course in Bulgaria.

Studywell Medicine is a trustworthy agency with personalised services. They organise Varna Medical university entrance examination in Dublin and UK which is very convenient. Mr Manoj Mathew , who is the director of Studywell Medicine is a very experienced and dependable person. The whole process of applying to the university, writing the entrance examination, admission procedures, finding the accommodation – everything was completely hassle free and Mr Manoj and his team did a very sincere and professional job. I would happily recommend their services without any hesitation to any parents who are seriously thinking of sending their children to Varna Medical University.

I am penning a little testimony of my experience with Studywell Medicine Ltd. My son Nithesh Santhosh is a first year student in Varna Medical University, Bulgaria. Our dream of getting into a medicine was only fulfilled because of the Studywell Medicine and the Director Mr Manoj Mathew. Its a pleasure to recommend this company and the team as a service user. I have been consistently impressed with the service from day one I contacted. Mr Manoj is exceptionally supportive through out the process. All team members I felt very approachable and helpful. They guide the students in right way and motivate the students to achieve the goal. The team is very willing to help the parents and students in all ways. I definitely recommend Studywell Medicine for any body who have a dream to get an admission in the esteemed university in Bulgaria. I am sure they are confident and efficient in what they are doing. They prepare students well for the entrance exams. Their open days are well organised.They take care of parents and students wholistically to make this journey ease as much as possible. I personally feel the cost is very less comparing to other service providers. I am strongly recommending Studywell Medicine for parents and students to reach to dream career. I wish Studywell Medicine the very best for all future success.

A Personal experience of our Journey to the Medical University of Varna Bulgaria
( MUV )

Studywell Medicine team continually assisted us through the initial stages of application, preparations for sitting the entry exams, through to the procedures of readying the relevant documents.

Studywell Medicine fees is reasonable. They organised entry exams both in Dublin and Birmingham. It is convenient and cost effective.

After our arrival in Varna the Studywell Medicine team supported us with admission procedures and initial settlement. They work hard and have been efficient in finding us a suitable accommodation, acquiring bank account and with Bulgarian immigration procedures. Even well past into the early MUV college days they are still on ground readily available for any advice when needed.

All through our association Studywell Medicine has struck us as hospitable, dependable and approachable. They are people of compassion and integrity. They have no hesitation to go an extra mile to see candidates safe and comfortably settled into the newness of the place.

Studywell Medicine has been a blessing to us. We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Dear Manoj and Raju,

I wish to sincerely thank you both for all your help with my daughters admission to the Medical University of Varna, for the Medical degree course of the academic year of 2018-2019.

If not for a very close family friend, we would have never contemplated on sending our daughter to another European University for her higher education, in the field of her own choice.

“Studywell Medicine” was introduced to us by the very same close friends and we were introduced to both Manoj and Raju and what happened next is something that’s worth mentioning, for every one else that I wish to introduce this very close family run organization from here on.

It’s quite difficult to put in words how incredibly smooth the entire process of the admission has been right from the outset.

Manoj’s personal touch and immense, knowledge of the Universities requirements and his commendable patience in guidance, through every step and aspect of this entire process has been exemplary. He always remind us of the next step, be it the entrance exams, the dates, venues, booking of tickets and what I felt very personally, was their professionalism of picking us from the airports and dropping us back after the entrance exams in Birmingham, as well as on our arrival in Varna at 02:50 AM on a Monday morning this September of 2018. All was all taken care of by Manoj and Raju.
It’s been incredibly helpful to have them with us every day, from the time of our arrival, having landed in a new country without any language or sense of whereabouts, was very much appreciated by each and every one that was there in Varna through “Studywell Medicine’s” group.

Likewise once the exams had been taken, results were published and the application was accepted by the Medical University in Varna, we had emails with tickets prices, best available routes and timings, all emailed individually, way in advance to help us plan the trip, which really made this very emotional and stressful period pass on very peacefully.

We were advised to arrive a week early to Varna by Manoj, so as to help us find an appropriate accommodation, setting up of a mobile phone connection, bank account and even showing us around the University and the area around including shops and markets etc. was very thoughtful and immensely helpful of them.

What’s most worth mentioning about Manoj and Raju are that even after all their help for over more than three to four months through this entire admissions process, they were there in person, at the University arriving a ahead of us to help us through every little step from the registration process on the day of admission, to the above mentioned details. This was really outstanding and very much appreciated by every one that were helped by the “Studywell Medicine” organization. They also have students of the final years to help the new comers every year, at the university, which the children found very useful, as well,

All in all, I wish “Studywell Medicine” the very best in their future endeavors and hope they’ll be able to help many, many more children from Ireland and the UK to achieve their ambitions and goals. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wishes to send their children to a Medical University in any one of the European countries, where they have links with.

The Studywell Medicine team have been fantastic! We cannot recommend them highly enough. From our initial enquiry we were fully informed about our son’s application at all stages. They are professional, considerate and we are pleased that we have chosen them. They have aided and supported us throughout the entire process and have reduced the stress of applying to Varna Medical university in so many ways. They have been such an invaluable help to our son journey to medical school.

Thank you very much for such a big help to us as we build the foundation for our daughter’s future. I do not easily give my trust to people I only met on social media but as we exchanged messages I sensed your honesty, patience and empathy. You are also within easy reach always ready to answer querries of an anxious parent like me.

I also contacted another well known agency but they will only entertain querries if you will register with them. You are not like this Manoj. You are willing to give your time even if you are not sure if people will buy your service. You are also not strict with timeframe on payment. I am very happy with your service and I highly recommend Studywell Medicine.

Thank you very much and God bless.

Studywell Medicine Ltd was the only option for me when my daughter expressed her intention to study medicine outside Ireland. I cannot thank enough Mr. Manoj Mathew and his crew for their dedicated ,sincere and transparent service throughout my daughter’s journey to Varna medical university in Bulgaria. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to study Medicine course in Bulgaria. All the very best to ‘Studywell Medicine’’

We had a wonderful experience with Studywell Medicine. They helped us before admission, for entry test and at the time of admission. There representative are in Ireland and UK. This was very beneficial. Mr. Manoj is in Ireland. He helped us on each and every step and we didn’t feel alone. He was available every time when we need him.
I would like to say thank you.

Studywell Medicine organised the Entrance Test in Dublin which was very helpful to avoid travel and saving money. It was extremely helpful and very well organized, so we didn’t have to worry much about it. Hence I strongly recommend Studywell Medicine Ltd to any student wishes to study Medicine abroad.

Studywell Medicine has been a huge support in guiding my daughter through the admission process for Medical University of Varna. They guided us through the enrollment process, finding accommodation in Varna and opening a bank account. They were contactable at any time and for any queries. I would highly recommend this agency to any parents hoping to send their children abroad for medical studies.